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Here at UTEC Industries we constantly strive not only to satisfy our customer but also to delight them and to support them as we realize that our success is also dependent on their continued success.
List of customers.
1. Petronas Group of Companies.
2. Shell Malaysia Exploration and Production [ SMEP].
3. Malaysia LNG Sdn Bhd.
4. Shell MDS Sdn. Bhd
5. Shell Timur Sdn. Bhd
6. Exxon Mobil Exploration and Production Malaysia Inc.,
7. Murphy Oil Co., Ltd.
8. Nippon Oil Exploration [ Malaysia] Ltd.
9.Tioxide [Malaysia] Sdn Bhd
10. Ethylene Malaysia sdn. Bhd
11. Sime Sembcorp Engineering Sdn . Bhd
12. Malaysia Shipyard and EngineeringSdn Bhd
13. Brooke Dockyard & Engineering Works Sdn Bhd.
14. Ramunia Fabricators Sdn Bhd
15. Petra Resources Sdn Bhd & Group.
16. Tenaga National Berhad.
17. PS Terminal Sd. Bhd
18. Asean Bintulu Fertilizer sdn Bhd.
19. Sarawak Electricity Supply Coorporation Berhad.
20. PPES Work Sdn Bhd.

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